Botticelli – “The Birth of Venus”

The great painting “The Birth of Venus” by the great master Sandro Botticelli is exhibited in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence. The work was written in 1485 and is considered an artistic masterpiece of the Renaissance.

The painting depicts an open space – the sea, the sky. The author showed on the canvas a very early morning, the darkness of the night had just receded and showed the world the most beautiful Venus, just born from the foam of the sea. The goddess of beauty floating on the waves on a sea shell is driven to the shore by the fast Zephyr – the god of the west wind.

The goddess of beauty Venus is greeted on earth with triumph: showered with roses, the doorkeeper of Olympus Ora brought her a precious cloak, embroidered with beautiful flowers, which will hide her nakedness.

The image of the main character of the picture is lovingly painted by the artist. This is evidenced by her ideally beautiful, flawless and harmonious features. Long golden hair blown by the wind falls over the shoulders of the newborn Venus, her face meek and sad.

Year of painting: 1485.

Dimensions of the painting: 280 x 180 cm.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: tempera.

Genre: mythological painting.

Style: early Renaissance.

Gallery: Uffizi, Florence, Italy.

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