Botticelli “Spring”

The painting “Spring”, painted by Botticelli in 1478, combines three different, but related directions. Pompous courtly style – at that time the beloved were portrayed in this style. The artist also used the antique style in the painting – characters and motifs from the myths of Ancient Greece. The Christian style represents the image of the Madonna blessing all the characters with her hand.

On the right side of the picture, Zephyr is depicted – the quick messenger of the gods, kidnapping the nymph Chlorida, the mistress of fields and meadows. On the left side of the picture, three graces are depicted, symbolizing the unity of pleasure, chastity and love. Next to them is Mercury, apparently recalling the famous myth of Paris, who gave an apple to the goddess. The Romans called this goddess Venus, the Greeks – Aphrodite. She is depicted on the right side of the picture, walking on the grass, a cupid baby flies over her head, aiming at one of the graces.

The Madonna is depicted in the very center of the canvas. And this is not without reason: the artist presents her in the form of a “beautiful lady”, an ideal woman, whose image blesses and gives inspiration to poets and artists.

Sandro Botticelli with his painting “Spring” tries to say that different periods of art are slightly different from each other, they are simply modified, the features and characters of some characters in legends and tales flow into others. Despite the mixing of paganism and Christianity on one canvas, the artist is convinced that different points of view and trends have the right to coexist.

The painting radiates warmth, tranquility and harmony, and just flows with love. For more than five hundred years, true connoisseurs of painting have admired the unsurpassed skill of Sandro Botticelli.

Year of painting: 1478.

The size of the painting: 314 x 203 cm.

Material: panel.

Writing technique: tempera.

Genre: allegory.

Style: early Renaissance.

Gallery: Uffizi, Florence, Italy.

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