Rubens – “Jupiter and Callisto”

Jupiter is translated as “brilliant”, “father of the day.” God of the sky, daylight, thunderstorms. In Greek mythology, Zeus.

Jupiter patronized agriculture, and the Grape Harvesting holidays were dedicated to him. Jupiter is the God of War and Victory.

Callisto (Callista) – daughter of King Lyokon, companion of Artemis, originally from Arcadia. Jupiter appeared to her in the guise of Apollo and seduced Callisto, after which she gave birth to Arkas. Artemis was angry with Callisto, then Jupiter, in order to save his beloved from the wrath of Artemis, turned Callisto into a bear. But Artemis kills Callisto with her arrow.

Year of painting: 1613.

Dimensions: 202 x 305 cm.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: mythological painting.

Style: baroque.

Gallery: State Art Collection, Kassel, Germany ..

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