Repin – “Religious procession in the Kursk province”

In 1881, Ilya Repin began to paint the painting “The Appeared Icon, or the Procession of the Cross in the Oak Forest.” The artist decides to paint from life in the oak forest, for which he goes to the Root Hermitage, where religious processions took place every year. But, having arrived there, the artist found…


Repin – “What an open space!”

The artist’s son and daughter are depicted in the high waves of the surf. As if the former, not yet crucified souls – the personification of youth – are presented on the canvas. The fun and joy of life, overwhelming young people, fully correspond to the state of the surrounding nature that is raging with…


Repin – “Duel”

The genre painting depicts the participants in the duel after the event. The artist very expressively painted the faces of the participants, especially the face of the wounded, who holds out his hand asking for forgiveness and reconciliation. The figure of the second participant in the duel, shown in the foreground on the right, is…


Repin – “Princess Sophia”

The painting depicts a full-length large woman in a rich robe. The interior makes it possible to present the device of a rich cell for a noble person: icons on the walls, a tablecloth on the table. A girl in monastic clothes sitting behind the princess’s back looks timidly at her from under her brows….


Renoir Pierre – “Still life with chrysanthemums”

Pierre Auguste Renoir quite often turned to the images of flowers in his paintings. Chrysanthemums enjoyed his special love, he always tried to show them from the most advantageous side. Unlike Claude Monet, who put a deep hidden meaning in each of his floral still life, Renoir rather simply admired beautiful flowers. Renoir painted floral…


Renoir Pierre – “Lodge”

Pierre Auguste Renoir’s painting “The Lodge” is one of his most famous works. The theater box depicted on it, indicated by only a few elements, is, rather, a decoration, a frame for the main action. In its genre, this work is a portrait, and a double one. In the foreground, the artist depicted a woman…


Perov – “Portrait of Dostoevsky”

Portrait of F.M. Dostoevsky, painted by Perov by order of the Tretyakov Gallery, was completed in 1872. The artist wrote it with inspiration, completely devoting himself to the task at hand, because the great Russian writer was close to him in spirit, ideologically and religiously. But, despite his creative upsurge, while working on the portrait,…