Description of the painting by Raphael Santi – “Donna Velata”

Raphael was at the height of his creativity when he painted the portrait “Donna Velata” or “Lady with a Veil”. He was only 32 years old.

Margarita Luti, an ordinary girl, the baker’s daughter is depicted by the artist with tremendous trepidation and love, since it was she who was his meaning of life. Raphael was so in love with the girl that he offered her father a huge cash ransom – more than 3,000 ducats. Fornarina, was the name of his wife Raphael, which means “bun.” The couple were happy. And 6 years later, Raphael died suddenly. Margarita did not accept her husband’s huge inheritance and went to a monastery, where she was reputed to be his widow until the end of her days.

Margarita in the portrait is depicted in clothes of soft beige and pink tones, the head is like a married lady’s under a veil. In love, Santi conveyed the beauty and calm character of his wife in a refined graceful pose. Margarita’s face is as gentle as a peach, her eyes are beautiful, huge, shining with happiness. The beautiful neck and hair are adorned with jewels. In the portrait, Margarita is depicted as an exquisite jewel, and the master’s admiration for his model is conveyed to the viewer.

Year of painting: 1516.

Dimensions of the painting: 85 x 64 cm.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: portrait.

Style: High Renaissance.

Gallery: Palatine Gallery, Palazzo Pitti, Florence, Italy.

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