Repin – “What an open space!”

The artist’s son and daughter are depicted in the high waves of the surf. As if the former, not yet crucified souls – the personification of youth – are presented on the canvas. The fun and joy of life, overwhelming young people, fully correspond to the state of the surrounding nature that is raging with energy – the mighty waves of the surf sweeping over two defenseless figures.

But they smile, laugh, they are not confused by the cold water and bad weather. The girl holds her hat so that she is not blown away by the wind and hides her face from his impulses, while the young man, on the contrary, opened his greatcoat and strives towards the elements with all the strength of youth.

The feeling of victory over fear, will, the open element dominates the viewer. The picture was painted in “Penates”, far from the capital. So the version about Repin’s premonition of social movements and the mighty thunderstorm whirlwinds soaring over Russia gives priority to the theme of the joy of life, its proximity to the natural world, and the exultation of youth. The picture breathes with happiness and warmth, like all Repin’s portrait paintings dedicated to his family.

In the typical for the artist manner of “love-enmity”, he expresses his attitude to the new generation. Romantic elation and joyful hopes in youth – this is how critic V. Stasov expressed the originality of the images of a young man and a girl.

The water element is masterfully depicted – greenish-transparent in the foreground, it turns into a harsh blue in the background. Throwing water splashes and white foam, water appears as a force, unrestrained and tireless. The Gulf of Finland and the Nevsky banks inspired the artist.

Among the noisy storm, arms outstretched, There is a boldly guy shouting to his friend: “Look, what a force! Space and freedom! And even in anger, nature is beautiful! ”… Not everyone decides to arrange a date At that hour and in the place where the storm cannot sleep. Lovers do not care at all, Where they are together, and the place is excellent! ” (N. Aleshkova)

Year of painting: 1903. Dimensions: 179 x 284.5 cm. Material: canvas. Writing technique: oil. Genre: genre painting. Style: impressionism. Gallery: State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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