Savrasov Alexey – “The Rooks Have Arrived”

The famous Russian painter painted his one of the most famous paintings “The Rooks Have Arrived” in 1871. The picture immediately attracted the attention of viewers and critics with its simplicity and spontaneity. After it was written, the artist received an offer to purchase this painting by Tretyakov for his collection.

The artist’s extraordinary skill manifested itself in this work: surprisingly subtly he managed to convey the spring awakening of Russian nature after a long frosty winter. The picture does not shine with colors, it is not necessary: ​​soft, calm tones accurately convey the mood of the early Russian spring, a lot of gray and brown shades are used in the picture.

Alexey Savrasov in the painting “The Rooks Have Arrived” depicted the outskirts of an ordinary Russian village. There is still snow in some places, but it is already clear that soon spring will fully come into its own. Here, on the right side of the picture, a thawed patch has already appeared with cold water standing in it. In the foreground, the artist depicted young naked birch trees, which seem defenseless and fragile. Rooks who have just returned from distant lands, where they went for the winter, sit on their still bare branches. The arrival of rooks heralds a quick spring and the end of cold weather.

A wide field covered with snow can be seen behind a simple fence of boards. The work has not yet begun, there is only preparation for them. You can see the roofs of village houses, a church with a bell tower. The sky, stretching to the very horizon, also speaks of the imminent approach of spring. Behind the clouds, it is filled with a bright juicy blue, against which the silhouettes of birds on the branches of trees look especially contrasted.

The painting “The Rooks Have Arrived” is very fresh, light and joyful, the artist with great pleasure shows the audience the spring renewal of nature.

Year of painting: 1871.

Dimensions of the painting: 62 x 48.5 cm.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: landscape.

Style: realism.

Gallery: State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

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