Dali Salvador – “Honey is sweeter than blood”

On this canvas, Dali depicted a naked woman sitting on the clouds. Her thighs are covered with a crumpled piece of cloth. The woman’s face is hidden by a swirling cloud.

With one hand, she touches her bare chest, the other is supported by a stalk, a constant attribute of Dali’s paintings.

The clouds swirl, gathering in thunderclouds. They are dense, material and resemble cotton balls. On one cloud there is a dwarf twisted tree clinging to it with its roots. A centaur is prancing across another cloud.

His rump is also overgrown with trees. He plunges a spear into the cloud with the gesture of George the Victorious, striking a snake.

The artist borrowed the phrase “Honey is sweeter than blood” from a certain fisherwoman Lydia, who was rumored to be the last witch of Cadaques. This metaphor means that the call of the flesh is often more important to people than the bond of kinship. Dali has two paintings with this name, but they are not related to each other either by plot or stylistically.

Year of painting: 1941.

Dimensions of the painting: 49.5 × 60 cm.

Material: wood.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: nude.

Style: surrealism.

Gallery: Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, USA.

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